Gracious, Kind and a Solid Golfer

Michelle Presnall

Associate Director of Development

October 14, 2019. It was a beautiful, sunny day – perfect for the 37th Annual Golf Invitational.

I had been working at the College for less than a year when I found myself in a pair of very loud, plaid pants setting up for what was well-known as one of Sister Carol’s favorite events – the Golf Tournament. By that point, I had only talked with Sister Carol during my interview, so naturally I was nervous about the event, knowing that it was one of her favorites. But Sister Carol was gracious and kind. She arrived wearing bright smile, and greeted me warmly.

The tournament went off without a hitch, and everyone enjoyed a beautiful day on the golf course with staff, friends and CHC students. Sister Carol had a great time, and let me know that she felt the event was a great success. I was elated to get such high praise from the president of the College.