Sister Carol Knows Your Name

Gini Mauchly Calcerano

Senior Director of Research and Data Management, Institutional Advancement and Daughter of Kay McNulty Mauchly Antonelli ’42

When I first came to Chestnut Hill College in 2015, I met with Sister Carol, and she told me with sparkling eyes that she remembered my mother well.

My mother graduated from the College in 1942, but Sister Carol had met her when she was giving a talk on campus about women in STEM—probably 20 years before our conversation. I was surprised and flattered that she, first of all, made the connection by seeing my name, and that she remembered my mom in such detail.

As I came to learn, this is not unusual.

Working with Sister Carol on College and alumni events over the ensuing 7 years, I never stopped being amazed at her memory for people. When preparing for an event, she would mention the expected attendees by name and talk about how interesting they were as students. She recognizes apparently every student who has passed through the Halls of CHC from 1987 to the present day, and although she may remember them by their maiden names, she very often knows their married names as well, who they are related to, and where they work. Even as we discuss events leading up to this year’s Resilience in Red and the culmination of our Campaign, Sister Carol continues to floor us by asking about people by name.

Really, by now I should get over my amazement, but her recognition and memory of seemingly every person she’s ever met is truly show-stopping. She knows who you are, and she knows your name. You cannot hide! But you wouldn’t want to, and miss out on that relationship.