Every New Beginning Comes from Some Other Beginning’s End

Kathleen O’Boyle '84

Infinite gratitude and blessings to Sister Carol Jean Vale for her steady, transformative leadership over a three‑decade period. In a few short weeks, we’ll hear of a new College President who will follow (not replace) Sr. Carol. The last 30 years have been about CHC’s growth, reimagining and transformation while infusing the SSJ mission into our lives and consciousness. We all know that the College went co-ed in 2001 – a much-needed change to the School’s dynamic that infused a new energy in the halls and into a growing student body. Add an Adult Accelerated Degree Program population, a School of Continuing and Professional Studies Program… along with alums, friends, parents, and staff to the mix… making CHC the diverse and inclusive school that it is today. Thank you, Sr. Carol and all who made this possible.

Transformation in the student body has led to campus growth in terms of new buildings, locations, as well as academic programs with athletes and students from around the globe. Who can forget the excitement of the Brotherly Love cup which drew hundreds of wannabe witches and wizards to the school? I raise my cup of butterbeer to Sr. Carol. New majors, lecture series, international programs for a more diverse world. New opportunities for growth and change in this tarnished world.

We bid Sr. Carol farewell and know that she will fare well in the days to come. We also welcome a new College President with open minds and arms and look forward to CHC’s future (yet unimagined) with a reimagined purpose and direction.