The Impact of Sister Carol

Regina Maxwell Schwille '65

Sister Carol Jean Vale, SSJ PhD is an amazing woman.  She has boldly brought Chestnut Hill College into the 21st century.  Her vision, her determination and her persistence have helped to transform the college we love.  

Where do we start? In no particular order, these are just some of the incredible changes: Martino Hall, including Sorgenti Arena and smart classrooms, coeducation, Sugarloaf, McCafferty Lounge, and a general feeling that things have changed, and changed for the better. 

The diversity of the student body is immediately obvious to anyone who visits the campus.  What hasn’t changed, however, is the friendliness and the willingness to help, whether with a heavy door, a pile of packages, or anything else, the “Can I help?” is so very familiar.  

Sister Carol has fostered this atmosphere. Her attendance at Sprint football games, Chestnut Hill day at the Phillies, including the pre-game tailgate parties,  Carol Night, Alumni Cheer, Breakfast with Santa, plus innumerable things I have forgotten or know nothing about, shows the students and the alumni that she cares deeply about them and their activities. 

There is also her personality, which has been perfect for Chestnut Hill.  Whether it was dealing with politicians, professional organizations, the Chestnut Hill Community Association or rooms full of people who feel a connection to the college, Sister Carol shined.  As my late husband once said, “I love to watch her work a room.”  She has an incredible talent for remembering names and faces, which is so important in her position. You can also be sure that any money she raises will be put to very good use.  She is, indeed, a wonder!